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"I love being me,
just ask anyone!"

Jeremy Corry, 1970-2001

While visiting friends at a 4th of July pool party in Houston, Texas, Jeremy suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage. He died two days later, July 6, 2001, at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, never having regained consciousness. To read more about Jeremy's death and the impact it has had on those he loved, please visit his memorial webpage.

We will love you forever, Jeremy!

Jeremy: Missionary of Love, painted urban celtic faerie neo-techno-pagan kamikaze queer stepdad

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Jeremy October 2000

Welcome to my personal web page. I first developed my personal pages when Mosaic and OmniWeb were the only browsers available. At that time every personal web site could be listed in one place, and we all new each other electronically. In the years since my site has grown and changed as I have. This is now just one of hundreds of thousands of personal web sites. Thanks for visiting mine.

I am a man of many aspects. Some know me as Jeremy, others as Sparkles, then there are Sebastiane, Mimi Chang, PaintBoy, Jer, Jeremias, Lesbian Nancy Sinatra, Marta Station, and Bangkok Blue. A few who have known me well and long have experienced all these aspects of me.

This site attempts to familiarize the viewer with some of my life and who I am.
My family includes my husband, our kids, our dog, our friends, as well as my parents, siblings, and extended biological family.
My story is a brief account of where I have lived, my education, and other selected experiences that illustrate my background.
My faerie spirituality pages describe my views of the spiritual world and provide an introduction to the Radical Faeries, a gay men's spirituality movement.
If you want to know the basic dirt on me (physically) check out my stats.
I have a tremendous fascination with bodypainting. I've done quite a bit myself and assembled links to some of the best on the web.
As a professional and hobbyist web developer I have created thousands of web pages. A few of my creations are highlighted.
I am a huge consumer of entertainment arts, you can see an abbreviated list of my favorite movies, music, and more.
You can also see photos of me and my life, my heroes and sheroes and favorite quotes, and links to my favorite web sites.

Direct personal correspondence to: richard@rpjasper.org