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[Note: Badly out of date now, I'm afraid. I'll work on updating this list before the end of the current calendar year. -- 9/24/07]

The following results are from a search of the PsycInfo database on Friday, October 26, 2001. The subject headings "male homosexuality" and "grief" in combination yielded 78 results. Not all of the citations were relevant, e.g.:

-- A chapter on "men grieving the effects of homophobia" in Men Coping with Grief (Amityville, NY: Baywood, 2001).

-- An article on internalized homophobia, pathological grief and high risk sexual behavior appearing in a 1998 issue of Journal of Sex Education & Therapy.

The newest articles date from 2001. The first article dealing with bereavement among lovers of AIDS victims appeared in 1986. Prior to the 1986 article there is only ONE additional reference, a literature review published in 1972 (prior to the declassification of homosexuality as a mental illness) indicating that "male homosexuality is best correlated with the self-concept of being 'inferior-pitiable.'" (Sigh. We've come a long way, eh? If you want the citation, let me know.)

I've regrouped the articles according to the following headings:

Bereavement / General

Bereavement / HIV

Bereavement / Support

Multiple Losses

Survivor Guilt

In reality, except for the Bereavement / General category, all the rest of the articles are strongly focused on AIDS / HIV-related losses. Citations in each section appear in reverse chronological order.

I'll do a follow-up search of "grief" in combination with "lesbian," "bisexual," "homosexual female," and "transgendered" in the near future. If you have comments or suggestions, please send me e-mail.

Bereavement / General

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Bereavement / HIV

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Bereavement / Support Groups

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Multiple Losses

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Survivor Guilt

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