Probably more than anyone wants to know (or is good for me to point out) but...

Monday I went to see a plastic surgeonat the University of Michigan to see about having a skin tag removed from my eyelid. It was my second visit to the physician -- during my first visit a couple of months ago I wasn't able to have the (90 second!) procedure done because my blood pressure was too high.


Blood pressure.

I don't remember mine being a problem before I moved to Houston (summer 1999); it was pretty consistently 120 over 80 but after the move it started going up and it's never really come down. I'm sure that my total lack of exercise (in the three years since Jeremy passed away) has something to do with it, not to mention my crummy diet. At any rate I've been through a number of medications; the latest one seems to be doing a bit better but I won't know for sure until I go back to see my primary care doc in September.

Related, of course, is my ongoing tug-of-war with my lipid counts. Over the past 20 years my triglyceride levels have gone from horrible to fairly decent and back to horrible again. Not sure where they are right now; my new PCP prescribed Lovastatin early in the year but it gave me a headache every time I took it, so I stopped. We'll start working on lipids again after I see the doc in September. The other thing we have to check is my glucose level -- it was high and I hadn't been fasting but it's possible that it's higher than it should have been even without fasting.

Then there are migraines. Straka referred me to a neurologist here in Ann Arbor and the neurologist said "injectable Imitrex." It actually seems to do the trick, provided I make sure I don't eat anything afterwards.

Last but not least, in the past year or so I've been having occasional back problems. It's really weird, actually. Before Jeremy passed away, I never had back problems -- he had all of them! Now it's my turn, I guess. Latest flare up occurred Tuesday a.m. right after I'd arrived at work when I reached in the car to pick up my wallet off the front seat. Aaaaargh!! I managed to make it through a six hour meeting AND a trip to the dentist but getting up and down was very, very difficult. I took off yesterday (which was rough) and today (much better) to recuperate.

I hate to think what's next. I'll deal with it when it shows up, I guess.


August 12, 2004
Ann Arbor, MI

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