We met our friend Esteban Luna, Jr., a.k.a. "Steve," in the fall of 2000. In April 2001 he began living with us as our fulltime roommate. This is his poem...

Many people have come into my life and many have gone, but none as
close as Jeremy, this poem's for him.

Your life was a short one, this much is true, the time that I knew you
seemed very short too.

You touched me in ways words cannot express, and I'll miss all the
times that we spent having fun and getting dressed.

My love for you was genuine and you were my best riend and I know
that we'll eventually be together again.

This world was a cruel one this much is true, my world was a cruel one
until I met you. I learned of a new world and an inner light too all of
this shown to me by you.

You opened many doors for me and for others too and you showed me a
world that I never knew.

This new world is wonderful and full of great people too, but none of it
can compare to my best friend, that's you.

Your smile is now a memory in my heart and in my mind and it'll
always be there untouched and divine.

With tears in my eyes and a little smile on my face I wait here patiently
till I can once again feel your warm embrace.

For you my best friend I promise to be true, to me, to other and also to

You taught me great things for this I thank you and I'll never forget
them because they're part of you.

Life has changed courses for me and for you, mine's still the same while
yours has started anew. They'll come together again I know this to be
tru, in my heart, in my mind, but most of all because of you.

By: Esteban Luna Jr.

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