Reconstruction: Reclaiming Jeremy's Webpages

A year ago I thought I had forever lost Jeremy's webpages, which is somewhat akin to losing, oh, I dunno, the crown jewels? The complete works of Shakespeare? Well, no, they certainly don't rank with things of that ilk in terms of their importance to the human race, but they are nonetheless as good a monument to HIM as an individual as anyone is every likely to have.

Losing them was too terrible to contemplate but lose them I did. I didn't have the wherewithal to pay the internet service provider on whose servers the pages were hosted and worse than that I didn't have the technical know how to download the files to a safe place. (Surely, you're thinking, it can't have been THAT difficult?! In fact I realize now just easy it would have been to safeguard them but for all the fact I'm capable of putting text on a page I'm basically technologically illiterate otherwise; Jeremy was my IT guy and since July 2001 I've been lost without him.)

This week, however, I determined that I was going to go forward. That my own webpages were so out-of-date and that Naoyuki was so absent from them meant that I had to do something. And with Naoyuki's help I did, figuring out the oh-so-easy-I-could-just-kick-myself FTP software built into Windows XP in less than an hour and then off to the races, as it were.

Then I recalled something my colleague Jeff Trzeciak pointed out the week before, namely that there was this incredibly nifty internet archive called The Wayback Machine and that it had practically everything.

"Could it be...?" I wondered, daring not to hope.

But I looked anyway and...




It's just as well Jeff wasn't here or I woulda kissed him.

So now I'm working on reconstructing the pages in my own domain. At some point I'll probably send them along to my best friend Eden so that he can reconstruct the non-Jeremy specific portion of "Gayguides," something we've wanted to do for the past three years. It's a little bit tricky since Jeremy had a tendency to prefer convoluted files trees and I'm more of a "dump it all in the same folder" kinda guy. Getting all the pieces to match up appropriately is a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. (And, yes, there's probably an easier way to do it, but I'm enjoying my time with my Jeremy jigsaw, thingooveddymudge!)

In the meantime, many thanks to Naoyuki, to Jeff, and the wonderful at the Wayback Machine! I appreciate having a chance to redeem myself!


Ann Arbor, MI
August 12, 2004

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