May 29, 2001


Our friends Thom and Patrick came down from Dallas to spend the long weekend with us. We first met Thom in 1996, right after the Atlanta Olympics, when he came to town on a business trip. He and Patrick, who we hadn't met before moving to Houston two years ago, are part of what's nice about living in Texas.

We didn't do much that night other than watch movies our roommate Stephen rented for us, namely Best in Show and Vertical Limit. Both very entertaining, I thought, in very different ways. I dreamed about little fluffy dogs that night, although I suppose it could have been worse -- I could have dreamed about little fluffy dogs trapped on Mount Everest!


Jeremy made eggs and bacon and Stephen made breakfast tortillas, yum yum yum, then we went to Southern Importers to shop for costumes for Bryan and Kevin's Eyes Wide Shut party that evening. I found a fun mask in red, gold, black and green and a matching black and gold feather boa. Frankly, I'm of the opinion that everyone should have a boa -- why I didn't buy one long ago is very much a mystery!

That afternoon we headed to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Lunch at Cafe Express and then half an hour perusing the gift shop for the perfect Bryan-Kevin birthday / housewarming present Highballs High Heels, by Karen Brooks et al., a campy look at 50s cocktail culture. As for the Star Wars exhibit itself, I very much enjoy the latter, although I don't think it warranted all the hype it received. It's a museum piece, after all, not a movie, and there's no way one is going to outdo the other. Still, it was very well-presented, using story boards, costumes, scene paintings, and audio clips, telling the story of the making of the movie as well as telling the story behind the story, i.e., the mythic quest.

After MFA-H it was time to head home for a pre-party nap, then dinner at Cafe Montrose. Thom and Patrick had spotted it on the way into town Friday evening and even though it's just a mile or so from our place we hadn't already checked it out. Like so many restaurants in Houston, it looks like a dive from the street. The food, the service, and the ambience made up for the lack of street presence. I had a delicious Flemish beef stew as my main course and a heavenly flan for dessert.

The Eyes Wide Shut party was just as we expected it would be -- a gathering of the truly fabulous and the geeks! Kevin's a decorative artist (i.e., truly fabulous) and Bryan is a computer geek who easily transcends his geekiness with an incredibly thorough knowledge of alcoholic beverages, among other things. Being a librarian in the company of decorative artists is less than impressive but I like to think that the mask and the boa made up for it a bit.

Of course there's only so much you can do at a mixed party -- mixed boys and girls, mixed gay and straight, that is. We don't get weirded out when the 90 lb. straight girl with the unnaturally large and round ta-ta's decides to strip for us. We're not at all sure that the self-proclaimed straight boys would be as sanguine if we followed suit! But that's the price you pay for fabulosity, I suppose...

We'd pretty much planned to go out after the party but the bottle of red we had at Cafe Montrose was authentically French -- and authentically loaded to the gils with sulfites. I managed to avoid a migraine by quickly downing an Imitrex but it was touch and go there for a little while. (Migraines, of course, warrant their own chapter but that'll have to wait for another day...)


Patrick wanted to take us to breakfast. We tried House of Pies (aka, House of Guys) and Baby Barnaby's before ending up at Katz's -- all of two blocks from our house! We were served by the totally fabu Velvet, who we'd never met before. We gave her our e-mail and begged her to come to our next party but we're skeptical. I inhaled the challah bread French toast, of course, but remind me to skip the all beef bacon next time, OK?

That afternoon Jeremy and the boys headed to the Houston Musuem of Natural Science to see the Forbidden City exhibit. After spending half an hour trying to park and 15 minutes in line they were finally informed -- at 3:30 p.m. -- that tickets were available for the 6 p.m. tour!

They come home and we went to see Pearl Harbor instead. Which requires, I think, a separate entry.


I managed to fend Saki off 'til 9:30 or so Monday morning. After her walk I head to Kroger to pick up a gallon of milk and two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, which turned out to be about a dozen more than needed. Jeremy and the boys had gone to Pacific Street and the Ripcordthe night before and didn't get home before 3 a.m. Aside from me I don't think anyone was really out of bed before noon.

Monday afternoon was the Memorial Day barbecue and pool party at Joe and Leo's place. Nothing like having a couple of dozen hot guys hanging out around the pool for a few hours on a hot, sunny Houston afternoon. Especially when they're the kind Joe and Leo like, i.e., built, hairy, hung, and sexually adventurous. As is often the case in such circumstances, I was a good boy, diligently putting my well-developed skills in the personal interaction department to good use. From what I could tell my efforts were appreciated, which is reward in and of itself.

Thom and Patrick departed about 2/3rds of the way through the party -- they had to drive back to Dallas and by that time they were looking at arriving around 11 p.m. or so. The rest of us (me, Jeremy, Stephen and our friend Rusty) stayed until about 9 p.m. As soon as we got home I crawled into bed -- and woke up three hours later with the migraine I'd been fighting off since Saturday night. It finally dissipated about 5 a.m. Tuesday -- by which time any inclination I might have had for going to work had likewise evaporated.

All in all, a good weekend.


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