As I said, those days at the hospital are all jumbled together in my memory now. Becky writes (regarding Thursday night, July 5th, as we were keeping vigil over Jeremy):

Ron slept in the family room and I slept in the waiting room. I came in in the middle of the night to check on Jeremy and you and Eden were in the chairs at his bedside and you said go back to bed, everything is fine and you need the rest. I went to go back and someone had taken my sleeping chair and so I pushed two chairs up against a coffee table and slept till I woke up at 5 a.m. with Ron looking down at me. Anyway, my point is we never left the hospital from the time we arrived till we all left together. You say that but you say something about us calling and telling us not to com, then next paragraph it says Ron slept in the family room. No big deal, just thought I'd point that out.

Seven weeks ago? It seems more like seven years or seven minutes, I'm not sure which.


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