Shirley Jones Hall Johnson, RIP

I missed the telephone call from Becky, Jeremy's mom, letting me know that his beloved Grandma Shirley (Jones Hall Johnson) had passed away in Utah this afternoon.

Of course, she was Jeremy's grandma by marriage, not by blood, but in Jeremy's family that never made any difference. She was actually the mother of Jeremy's stepdad, Ron Hall, but she treated Jeremy as one of her own from the git-go. I know the two of them are having a fine old time at this very moment. I think it's probably been rather a while since Shirley cut a rug (it happens when you get old and frail) but I know Jeremy is sweeping her around the Celestial Ballroom at about 100 miles per hour. (I know it's crazy but I say this with a certain degree of jealousy!)

Grandma Shirley had been in ill health most of the time since Jeremy passed away three years ago. Earlier this spring she had open heart surgery (I think) and never really recovered.

I'll have updates later. My heart goes out to Bob, her second husband, a good man and a good husband for a marvelous woman.

Grampa Bob, Grandma Shirley, Becky & Ron, circa 1999


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